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True Education & its Curriculums

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Present Truth for Kids Homeschooling Curriculum is Under Development!


The Bible, as a textbook for language, is without a rival. In the King James Version the minds of our youngsters experience the purest way our language can be represented. The thoughts there expressed are so succinct that their import are often lost sight of. The Bible is the only book, currently in print, which says entire histories in few words. This directness and forcefulness, this true weightiness, is the characteristic of the language of the Bible. And the person whose vocabulary is composed most fully of the words, the phraseology, and the forthrightness of the Bible, will be the most direct and forcible speaker or writer. They will also be able to say most in fewest words. Our curriculum will, by God’s grace, will reflect and instruct on this peculiarity of the Word.


Science and numbers are as teachable from the Bible as theology. Many are under the misconception, however, that subjects of this quality need a secular and human mind to define its perimeters of understanding. Nothing else can be as ludicrous as this: the Omniscient One needing to bow to human intellect on numerical and scientific disciplines.  Our upcoming curriculum, will happily discredit this thought as  fallacious and baseless.


The Spirit of Prophecy tells us, in Patriarch and Prophets, the following words: “The chief subjects of study in these schools (Schools of the Prophets) were the law of God, with the instructions given to Moses, sacred history, sacred music, and poetry.” In the book Education she speaks in a complimentary manner on the poetry found in the Bible.  “The earliest as well as the most sublime of poetic utterances known to man are found in the Scriptures. Before the oldest of the world’s poets had sung, the shepherd of Midian recorded those words of God to Job–in their majesty unequaled, unapproached, by the loftiest productions of human genius: Job 38: 2-27 quoted.” On music she says, within the same reference: “The history of the songs of the Bible is full of suggestion as to the uses and benefits of music and song. Music is often perverted to serve purposes of evil, and it thus becomes one of the most alluring agencies of temptation. But, rightly employed, it is a precious gift of God, designed to uplift the thoughts to high and noble themes, to inspire and elevate the soul.” We are endeavoring to instruct on these thoughts within our upcoming curriculum.

Faith-filled Thinking

Critical thinking, as it is within the world, has no part or place in True Education. In order to not have it understood that that type of thought is being referenced, our curriculum has coined the term: faith-filled thinking. Within this idea are involved multiple subjects, the primary ones being: wisdom, knowledge, law, history, biblical philosophy and logic. The PTFK Curriculum will teach each of those subjects independently while allowing them to maintain their relation to the habit of thinking faith.

Infant – Sabbath School only.

Sabbath School lessons can be formulated to the end of informing infants on the message. Their course will be nature based and require adult involvement and supervision.

  • Children ages 3-7 are the target groups
  • Method of learning: Constructive Play

Infant – Homeschool Only

The PTFK Curriculum is being developed to meet home schooling needs for each age or phase of development.

  • A section of the curriculum is for ages 3-7 years
  • Their method of learning will be constructive play.

Children – Sabbath School Only

 “I feel a deep interest in our Sabbath schools throughout the land, because I believe them to be instrumentalities of God for the education of our youth in the truths of the Bible. Constant efforts should be made by both parents and teachers to interest the youth in matters of eternal importance. The Sabbath school is a missionary field, and very much more of a missionary spirit should be manifested in this important work than has been manifested in the past.” Counsels on Sabbath School Work, 10.

  • Ages 8-13 will be the target group

Children – Homeschool Only

“When the truth for these last days came to the world in the proclamation of the first, second, and third angel’s messages, we were shown that in the education of our children a different order of things must be brought in; but it has taken much time to understand what changes should be made.  
“Our work is reformatory; and it is the purpose of God that through the excellence of the work done in our educational institutions the attention of the people shall be called to the last great effort to save the perishing. In our schools the standard of education must not be lowered. It must be lifted higher and still higher, far above where it now stands; but the education given must not be confined to a knowledge of textbooks merely. The study of textbooks alone cannot afford students the discipline they need, nor can it impart true wisdom. The object of our schools is to provide places where the younger members of the Lord’s family may be trained according to His plan of growth and development.” Testimonies for the Church, Volume 6, 126.

Questions Received & Their Answers.

How do I help my child to be interested in God?

The answer we can provide is: be interested in Him yourself. If you begin with improving your own interest, your child will partake of your influence; and there is where his/her revolution starts.

How am I to teach the Bible to my child?

Age-appropriately. We are too much in the habit of instructing the young ones as if they are adults in their understanding. Remember you were a child once. What harm can there be in teaching your child as he or she is: a child?

Where do you get materials from to teach your children?

The sad reality is this: we, in Jamaica, only have two youth to our group and they both visit infrequently. While we had them, however, we made our own materials and whenever we have visitors we recycle them to suite the minds before us.

Can you help me?

We are always delighted to provided help and materials wherever we are able. Please understand, however, that we only recently started working on materials to disseminate. We crave your patience as our small team works for your benefit.

In the meantime, we encourage that our teachers be contacted through our facebook page; as they are always so happy to hear from you.

How can we reach you?

Our team members can be reached on the Present Truth for Kids Facebook page. Additional to that, we can be contacted via email at ensignministry@gmail.com.

Do you have videos of your team teaching children?

We currently have eleven children’s video posted to our YouTube page. They can be watched and/or downloaded. We are now scheduled to prepare two videos per week for uploads. One is for ages 3-7 and the other is for ages 8-12. If you subscribe to our pages (YouTube and Facebook) you’ll be notified as to when they are released.

Do you have materials posted on the internet?

Not currently. But, we are in the process of making what we have available. When that is done we will provide a link for them to be accessed.

So what can you do for me now?

We understand the urgency in the requests made of us, therefore we are dedicating a section of our monthly newsletters to help your need. We recommend that outlet to you and ask that you sign up to be a part of our mailing list. 

Have you ever thought to offer training to adults needing the skills your team has with children?

Yes, the thought has been had and a situation was provided for it to be done. Future ones, however, will be based on request and location. These requests are to be addressed to Sekai Musoki @ ensignministry@gmail.com.

In the meantime, we have in mind to do a book that will provide the necessary information: in the distant future. Its introduction is available upon request.

November 9 and the children: what can you advise?

We understand, in part, the anxiety that is had by parents, guardian and/or relatives. Still, however, our advice cannot be other than this: pray, have faith, work and reform how the children are being educated. 


What are Our Parents and Sabbath School Instructors Asking?

Is there a homeschooling curriculum out there?

Do you have an organized way of teaching this message to our children and youth?

I need help with our Children’s ministry. We need children Bible studies and other materials.