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Ensign Ministry

Our Ministry is non-profit and located in Jamaica
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Upcoming Projects

Projects are always being formulated and actualized among our small membership. Some of these will be featured at a future time. Until then, click below to see what has already been done!

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Newsletters are always a beautiful source of information. They tell of things current to any entity and share knowledge of need to a target audience. Ensign Ministry is in the process of sending out its own newsletter. It has excellent Bible study articles, stories, health nuggets along with other surprises. We hope to disseminate the newsletter electronically first to any that is interested. By the middle of the year we hope to have consistent monthly newsletters mailed to those within our mailing list.

School of the Prophets

“These schools were intended to serve as a barrier against the wide-spreading corruption, to provide for the mental and spiritual welfare of the youth, and to promote the prosperity of the nation by furnishing it with men qualified to act in the fear of God as leaders and counselors. To this end, Samuel gathered companies of young men who were pious, intelligent, and studious. These were called the sons of the prophets. As they studied the word and the works of God, His life-giving power quickened the energies of mind and soul, and the students received wisdom from above. The instructors were not only versed in divine truth, but had themselves enjoyed communion with God, and had received the special endowment of His Spirit. They had the respect and confidence of the people, both for learning and for piety. In Samuel’s day there were two of these schools–one at Ramah, the home of the prophet, and the other at Kirjath-jearim. In later times others were established.” Education 46.

Health and Wellness

The Medical Missionaries among us are most eager to share with you the knowledge they gleaned on lifestyle diseases and their causes. Click the title and retrieve their articles.

Do You Have Children?

Our Children’s Department is here to serve you. See its page for all the materials we have available for children. Our team is most pleased to help in the instruction of these little ones.

Vegan Recipes

Our sisters often do not know how to cook. To such I would say, I would go to the very best cook that could be found in the country, and remain there, if necessary, for weeks, until I had become mistress of the art,–an intelligent, skillful cook. Counsels on Diet and Foods 252.

Our Mission & Vision

Authentic Adventism, as it was defined, is the life mission of our members. 

We, at Ensign Ministry, preserve all the tenable beliefs of our founding fathers and draw our spiritual understanding from Millerism. Besides protecting our denominational heritage, we operate a missionary school where our members are trained in the details of the Three Angels Messages of Revelation 14. Joined to our study of Revelation is our coverage of Daniel 11, with a specialized focus on verses 40-45. Spiritual and historical preservations, are only preludes to other functions we assume. The last of these, that we will share, is Health…

Latest Message

The Midnight Cry or Prediction Before the Close of Probation

November 9, 2019: Raphia, Asculum and Operation Barbarossa.

Prayer. Reformation . Restoration .

The Messages of Revelation 14: 6-11 constitute all we need to lead the lives consistent with today. Many in the movement have instructed on how this work. Won’t you join us in following them around the world?

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Upcoming International Camp Meetings

March 31-April 7, 2019: America
March 17- March 31, 2019: Brazil

“Plants must be made in the cities. Now is the time to give the third angel’s message. But this cannot be done in church buildings. Camp meetings must be held, not one mammoth camp meeting, but several camp meetings, in different places. The holding of camp meetings is one of the most successful ways of working for the Lord. These meetings should continue two or three weeks, and during this time earnest work should be done for believers and unbelievers.” Manuscript Release, Volume Ten, 350.


Current International SOTP Trimesters

February 2- April 7, 2019: ARSOTP
January 7- march 31, 2019: Brazil

“Further provision was made for the instruction of the young, by the establishment of the schools of the prophets. If a youth desired to search deeper into the truths of the word of God and to seek wisdom from above, that he might become a teacher in Israel, these schools were open to him. The schools of the prophets were founded by Samuel to serve as a barrier against the widespread corruption, to provide for the moral and spiritual welfare of the youth, and to promote the future prosperity of the nation by furnishing it with men qualified to act in the fear of God as leaders and counselors.” Patriarch and Prophets, 593.


Past and Future Jamaican Events

January 5-20, 2019: Week of Prayer
Upcoming Events are pending

We are currently occupied with the work of producing:

  • Prophetic Videos
  • Children Videos
  • Tracts
  • Monthly Newsletters and
  • Learning Aids



We Gather Every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays


5:00 p.m–6: 00 p.m. 


5:00 p.m. –6:00 p.m. 


5:00 p.m–6:00 p.m 

Plan Your Visit

Locals are welcomed to join our classes. We are intent on being prompt and therefore request that we be joined during the times assigned.

Internationals, keep checking our YouTube page for the uploads we will do in the coming future.


Solitary Bible Studies

If you are interested in one on one Bible Studies, we are available upon requests that are scheduled at least three days in advance of the assigned time.

The topics to be covered will be dependent upon the need of the individual with whom the study is done.


Children Programs

We are happy to advise groups on how to prepare children programs for camp meetings or entire semesters/trimesters. We will answer the request in the order they are received. Requests are to be sent to ensignministry@gmail.com and addressed to Mrs. Mtetwa.


Ministry Blog

The Latest Doctrinal Updates

Prophetic Belief

The Bible describes faith as an acceptance of something future. It tells of a belief in matters yet to be experienced. It, faith, is a prophetic belief. It is predicated on realities only known to be so through ancient history. It is founded on beliefs that are...

How to Reorganize the Nature of Man

The hierarchy of man’s nature allows for an order that has reason as its head, moral as its second in command and the lower passions at the third and final round. Through the entrance of sin on this earth man has experienced a reorganization of this said hierarchy. In...

The Death Decree in the Days of Esther

Compared to the hundreds of thousands of Jews that was scattered throughout the provinces of Medo-Persia, about fifty thousand took advantage of the decree that was issued by Cyrus and Darius Hystaspes. The figure given is just a mere remnant that left Medo-Persia. In...