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​In an earlier article it was explained that anatomizing is the action of dissecting or cutting. Such an act frequently takes the Christian mind into the past to the mode and operation of the Jewish Economy. The priestly vocation is the first thing to be viewed when our minds are surveying the Jewish past. There, we see that to be a priest was the highest position to be attained in Judaism; and while within that role, the function of the priest ranged from medical to religious. In our last piece we addressed this function of the priest within his religious duty but what of the medical aspect?

In Leviticus 13 and 15 we have our medical points of reference. Within these passages of scripture we see how the priest was to diagnose common ailments brought to his attention. Take Leprosy for example, this disease or plague was recognizable by the priest through a series of investigation told to him through the divine instructions of Moses. All sufferers within Israel were expected to seek the priest for any of the physical examination needed for diagnosis. The Bible is clear as to the procedures to be followed as well as the processes to be done to determine the true condition of a complainant. I request that these passages of scripture be read; because they will only be referenced here.
Leprosy was not the only disease or plague that the priest received medical insights on identifying and medicating. A host of other maladies were named within the chapters and in a subsequent article I’ll cover the different types of leprosy as well as the diseases named especially in Leviticus 13.
Let it be remembered, however, that the priests were both the religious and physical physician within Israel and God took care in instructing Moses on how these men were to be trained. Leviticus 13, for example, documents for us these methods of examination, still in use today. We spoke on them briefly during our first article; but for refreshment, I’ll mention them again: Palpitating, Auscultation, Percussion. These methods of examination were used in both of the priests’ duties.
In upcoming articles we will focus on this observation in greater detail. Just let it not be missed that the priest served a dual role within Israel and as these roles are deeply observed we will find a wealth of insight into our spiritual role as Priest.