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Jeremiah 25:11, 12 says that the nations shall serve the king of Babylon seventy years and that after the seventy years are accomplished the Lord will punished the king of Babylon. Before the Babylonian Empire arose to power, the empire of Assyria ruled the world. In the year 625 B.C. there was a revolt of the countries of Media, Babylon, and Egypt all at once. Nabopolassar who was the general for the king of Assyria went to Babylon to bring them into subjection. The king of Assyria went to Media and there subdued the revolt of that country. Both, as was shown, were successful; and Nabopolassar received the title of “king of Babylon” following that victory.

In 612 B.C. Nabopolassar led out in a revolt against the king of Assyria due to affairs in the government that went from bad to worst. The countries involved in this revolt were Babylon, Media, and Scythia. The Assyrian capital Nineveh was overrun by these allied countries, and as a consequence, the Assyrian king moved the capital to Harren. Harren was later captured by the alliance in 609 B.C. This conquest caused the king to move the capital once more, only this time to Carchemish.Egypt was allied with the Assyrian king Ashur-uballit ll, and marched in 609 B.C., to his aid against Babylon.

The Egyptian army of Pharaoh Necho ll was delayed at Megiddo by the forces of king Josiah of Judah. The Egyptians had to pass through territories controlled by the kingdom of Judah, and Josiah refused to let them pass. King Josiah of Judah allied himself with Babylon and Media and tried to block Necho’s way, but was defeated and killed at Megiddo. The Bible in 2 Cronicles 35:20-24 and 2 Kings 23:29,30 mentions the battle of Megiddo. In the second volume of the SDA Bible Commentary, the servant of the Lord says Josiah was never to go against Egypt, and that due to his disobedience he died. The year 609 B.C, marks the beginning of Babylon’s seventy years (70 years). In this year 609 we see that the last King of Assyria was defeated. Jeremiah, in the twenty-fifth chapter of his book, predicts that the nations would serve Babylon seventy years, and the death of Josiah. All this we can safely give biblical and historical proof for. The year 539 BC is the year that Babylon fell, the Bible says in Jeremiah 25:12 when the seventy years terminated Babylon will be punish. This prophecy was fulfilled to the very letter. It was the Medes and Persians that conquered Babylon and brought it to an end of its worldly rule.