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The material world is under God’s control. The laws that govern all nature are obeyed by nature. Everything speaks and acts the will of the Creator. The clouds, the rain, the dew, the sunshine, the showers, the wind, the storm, all are under the supervision of God, and yield implicit obedience to Him who employs them. The tiny spear of grass bursts its way through the earth, first the blade, then the ear, and then the full corn in the ear. The Lord uses these, His obedient servants, to do His will.—Letter 131, 1897. Medical Ministry, 7.
The beating heart, the throbbing pulse, every nerve and muscle in the living organism, are kept in order and activity by the power of an infinite God. Medical Ministry, 8.

It is not to be supposed that a law is set in motion for the seed to work itself, that the leaf appears because it must do so of itself. God has laws that He has instituted, but they are only the servants through which He effects results. It is through the immediate agency of God that every tiny seed breaks through the earth and springs into life. Every leaf grows, every flower blooms, by the power of God. Medical Ministry, 9.

The physical organism of man is under the supervision of God, but it is not like a clock, which is set in operation, and must go of itself. The heart beats, pulse succeeds pulse, breath succeeds breath, but the entire being is under the supervision of God. “Ye are God’s husbandry; ye are God’s building.” In God we live, and move, and have our being. Each heartbeat, each breath, is the inspiration of Him who breathed into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life—the inspiration of the ever-present God, the great I AM.—The Review and Herald, November 8, 1898. Medical Ministry, 9.

The same power that upholds nature is working also in man. The same great laws that guide alike the star and the atom control human life. The laws that govern the heart’s action, regulating the flow of the current of life to the body, are the laws of the mighty Intelligence that has the jurisdiction of the soul. From Him all life proceeds. Only in harmony with Him can be found its true sphere of action. For all the objects of His creation the condition is the same—a life sustained by receiving the life of God, a life exercised in harmony with the Creator’s will. To transgress His law, physical, mental, or moral, is to place oneself out of harmony with the universe, to introduce discord, anarchy, ruin. Medical Ministry, 10.

Those who are sick in body are nearly always sick in soul, and when the soul is sick, the body is made sick.—Manuscript 62, 1900. Medical Ministry, 238.

From the quotes above, one can clearly see the need of learning about our bodies. This act of learning is needful in order that we may be healthy not only physically but spiritual; for nearly all those who are physically sick are sick spiritually too and that is detrimental. That being said here is a list of the eight laws of health and even though eight is the number used, please add the Ten Commandments as well for they are what gives tone and health to the soul.

  • Godly Trust
  • Open Air
  • Diet
  • Sunshine
  • Way
  • Abstemiousness/Temperance
  • Rest
  • Exercise

We will aim at covering these laws in greater detail in upcoming articles. Until then, give health a better chance in your life.